“As a client of Innovations for nearly five years, I have nothing but the highest praise for the staff and services they offer. From the moment I walk in, I feel welcome thanks to Jacquie, Sara and Carin. Marcia, my massage therapist (who has also become a good friend), has worked with me to keep my chronic neck spasms as much under control as they can be. Sarah, my hair stylist, knows exactly what to do when I describe what cut I want at that particular appointment. Although I don’t see Lauren often enough for facials, I have been really happy with the results when I have used this service. You definitely should be very proud of the quality staff you have there!”

– Carol


“Innovations is exceptional. It offers all of the services that you would expect from a first-class day spa. The atmosphere is welcoming. The staff is expert, friendly, and professional.”

– Bill


“I love Innovations. The staff treats me to extraordinary individualized service, while at the same time creating a warm, welcoming environment. Friendship and hospitality combine with expert knowledge to create an experience unlike any other. I just can’t seem to get enough.”

– Melissa

“I’ve been coming to Innovations for so long I can barely remember my first visit, but I keep coming back for the unique blend of comfort, ease, and the skill of the staff, from the friendly front desk to the blissful massages I get every week from Marcia. Sitting around the comfortable lounge in my outsized robe, sipping a cup of cinnamon tea, the kinks melt out of my neck and shoulders before Marcia even starts to work! I love Innovations!”

– Therry


“Having been a customer for many years, I have enjoyed several different services at Innovations and have encouraged friends and family to experience them as well. I appreciate their superb attention to detail. The staff is Innovation’s best asset! The staff is ALWAYS friendly, courteous and helpful….what more could you ask for from a place of business. In today’s world of mediocrity, Innovations stands above all with their excellent customer service. It is the highlight of my day to visit the spa for my services!”