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For our guest who struggles with grey or significant regrowth 2 or 3 weeks into their normal 4 to 6 week color service. It’s designed for convenience and value. In & out in approx. 1hr, towel dry, combed out and styling products applied.


Color Retouch

A single process color application that is applied to your regrowth. Whether you are looking to brighten, lighten, darken or cover your maturing hair, we will personalize a base color just for you.

from $72

Base Softening

Softens your natural color just enough to eliminate dark contrasts(breaking the base). Adds brightness to your highlight service in 5-10 mins.

from $25

Corrective Hair Coloring

Priced Upon Consultation

Color Removal

Priced Upon Consultation






elumenFace Framing Highlights (Kissed)

Foil highlights that are precisely placed to frame your face or to accent your hair design. (includes Blowout Styling)

from $58

Partial Highlight (Shimmer)

Foil highlights that cover half of your head personalized to your hair design and desired result. (includes Blowout Styling)

from $82

Full Highlight (Drenched)

Foil highlights covering your full head once again personalized to your hair design and desired result. (includes Blowout Styling)

from $108

Multi-Dimensional Highlight

Foil highlights using multiple colors to create harmonic highlights with a unique multi-dimensional look

Priced Upon Consultation

Ombre & Sombre

Fun, trendy, low maintenance hair that starts with a darker color at the base and transitions to a lighter color at the ends. Ombre a more striking transition. Sombre a much more subtle transition.

Priced Upon Consultation

Balayage/Hair Painting

Seamlessly hand-painted highlights that result in a naturally “Sun Kissed” look. Hair painting gives you a softer look at your base, which in turn gives you a less harsh, more subtle grow-out.

Priced Upon Consultation

Color Melting

Color melting is similar to an ombre or sombre, but is usually done with 3 or more colors, melting them together very gradually. It doesn’t necessarily have to go only from dark to light, but can be any combination of colors melting together.

Priced Upon Consultation

Color Balance

A conditioning color gloss that adds exceptionally glowing shine and rich color depth to your hair. Glosses are either applied in between foils to balance color or are applied to refresh your lengths during a base color service

from $25






Dry hair, split ends, brittle hair, over-processed locks, fly-a-ways, and static can make styling your hair an absolute nightmare, especially in the dry winter months. If you are dealing with these issues on a regular basis, it’s time to amp up the moisture control with a deep conditioner. These are some of the hair industries most effective and with options for every hair type and budget, you’re sure to find a solution for your dry/damaged hair issues.

Dual Senses Serums
Proven prolonged color retention up to 22 washes. Instantly locks in color. Intensifies color brilliance and provides color specific care. Consult with your stylist as to which one is right for you.  5 min.   $12

  • Color Lock Serum
  • Color Extra Rich Serum
  • Blondes & Highlights Serum
  • Rich Repair Serum

Ouidad - The Curl Experts

Deep Treatment Restoration Therapy
A heat-activated deep treatment that helps replace the proteins, amino acids, and moisture needed for strong, fully nourished, healthy curls.  20min    $30

Melt Down Extreme Repair Mask
A blend of three clinically-proven actives instantly helps to restore hair’s protective moisture barrier to leave curls soft and help prevent future damage. 15min    $20

Triple Treat Deep Conditioner
A luxurious deep conditioner that moisturizes, seals, and restores kinky curls.  Made with coconut, avocado, and grapeseed oils. 3min    $12


Malibu C Logo

DMT (Demineralizing Treatment)
Provides dramatic results and immediate normalizing and revitalizing of hair and scalp that has hard water mineral build-up and is oxidized, damaged or over-processed. Fresh-dried antioxidant vitamins and proteins of various molecular sizes replace the need for clarifiers and deep conditioners that can otherwise leave the hair dry and coated. Malibu Crystal Gel may be used as often as desired and is safe and gentle for all ages including infants and children.   25 min.   $25

Pre-Color Service Benefits:

  • Immediately removes layers of “rock” on the hair caused by mineral build-up that can inhibit the successful processing of color & highlights
  • Processes color faster so chemicals don’t stay on the hair as long
  • Prevents brassy tones from appearing that would cause colorist to have to use a stronger chemical to correct
  • Increases vibrancy
  • Increases color’s staying power and helps prevent fading
  • Helps remove most medication build-up (meds for blood pressure, diabetes, heart and thyroid to name a few)
  • Helps prevent breakage prior, during and after service by stopping oxidation
  • Minimizes burning and irritation from chemicals on clients with a sensitive scalp
  • Infuses protein following chemical service for strength and integrity of the hair following oxidizing service


Current Positions Available

Hair Stylist
Cosmetologist with experience in all aspects of hair services. High School diploma, valid New Hampshire Cosmetology License.

Nail Technician
Nail Tech with valid NH License. 2+ years experience preferred in manicures, pedicures and Shellac services, but will consider the right newly licensed graduate.

Please contact management or fill out the Employment Application to apply.

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