I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel – Maya Angelou

Daily must haves:   My must have is that I sleep on my tempurpedic pillow each night
Education portfolio:   I earned a certificate from the Massage Therapy program at Nashua Community College. Prior to that I received my
                                 diploma from Nashua High North. I currently receive my continuing education from the Associated Bodywork and
                                 Massage Professionals  (ABMP)
Approach to my craft:   I listen twice as much as I speak. My approach to the clients needs are to be empathetic. Listening to 
                                     their problems as if they were my own in an attempt to gain more perspective.
Must have tool(s):   One of my best tools to increase functionality and movement patterns throughout the body is Deep tissue massage.
                               Accompanying the treatment with Hot stone massage further enhances the session with heat to loosen up
                               adhesion’s and a smooth basalt stone that feels relaxing.
Go to products:   The foam roller for self care. Often times I recommend this tool to help with back, hip, and leg tightness when
                            massage  isn’t available.
Daily Inspiration:   I draw my inspiration within the moments I see the beneficial changes my clients experience through my work post
Why Innovations:   What I love about working at Innovations is that my genuine intent to provide a service with therapeutic value is
                              shared amongst my fellow coworkers throughout the business.