To our valued Innovations guests and friends,

The well-being of our staff and guests is our number one priority at all times. With the ever growing concern over the Coronavirus COVID-19, we want to take a moment to reassure you that Innovations is prepared to meet the sanitation and social distancing recommendations provided by the CDC and share a few of the additional stringent cleaning and sanitation standards that we have utilized daily.

Due to the strict state and federal regulations and oversight for sanitation within our industry, Innovations has provided our guests and employees with over 30 years of safety and wellness peace of mind. We take these regulations very seriously and train to their enforcement routinely via our safety committee program.

  • Hand washing/sanitation is required prior to and immediately following each customer service experience by all Innovations employees.
  • All linens (towels, sheets, robes, wraps and sandals) are cleansed and dried in large industrial grade equipment utilizing     sanitation temperatures and sanitizing cleansing detergents daily. We have a dedicated laundry attendant who facilitates    and monitors this process.
  • All equipment utilized in a guest service(s) are sanitized between uses per state and federal regulations and is monitored via state inspectors.
  • The facility is cleaned and disinfected every night and a thorough floor to ceiling cleaning is done weekly by a professional cleaning company utilizing OSHA standards.
  • Innovations staff is required to perform disinfecting of doorknobs, bathrooms, lockers and all common area surfaces that our guests and employees come in contact with daily.


Recent Enhancements:

We will be increasing the frequency of disinfecting our common areas, hardware, credit card pin pads,           restrooms, lockers, common area chairs, counters, etc. to an hourly schedule.

We have removed all magazines, scented neck wraps, snacks, etc. as these items cannot be disinfected to    the updated CDC recommendations.

We will be utilizing CDC recommended social distancing strategies within our waiting area, salon cutting and color floor, color lounge, spa transition area, and nail rooms.  We are confident that the services within our spa will meet the social distancing recommendations as these services are performed in closed rooms.

We will be asking all guests prior to check-in if they are presenting with any of the COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath). Additionally, if they have traveled (out of the country or to areas of    intensive infection) recently or been in contact with someone who may have. If symptoms present, the guest will required  to reschedule their service to an alternative date when they’ve recovered. This will be done with the intent of  protecting our staff and guests already within the business.

As always we thank you for your continued choice.  We know that you have many options and your choice affirms our goal of exceeding your beauty and wellness needs.

Team Innovations.