Personal Mantra:   We only have today, make the most of it!

Daily Must Haves:  Exercise. Whether it be taking my pup Clark for a walk or taking a strength class at the health club , its my way of having a great start to my day.

Education Portfolio:   This industry is much like any other profession, it is constantly changing. It is vital to stay current but also embrace practices from my 30+ years of experience.Perms are now referred to as Texture,they have evolved from “big Hair” to now a nice wave and body. I have had the opportunity to attend many advanced classes from cutting to color, and will be heading back to NYC this fall to attend 2 more classes.

Approach to my craft:   I love all that I know about curly hair, it is very important to me that the curly hair client love their hair!

Go to products:    The must have products I use are from the Ouidad line. It is designed for curls but anyone can benefit from them. They are water soluble  and work incredibly well in the humidity and this summer was a great test!

Daily Inspiration:   My inspiration is found in working with the clients. They may pull up a picture on Pinterest, etc… and we can discuss if the style will work with their hair type and how much time it will require to obtain the look. The goal is to have a style and color that will work with their lifestyle and understand the maintenance commitment.It is so much fun to see the transformation!

Why Innovations:  I love the team here at Innovations. We learn from each other daily by sharing our knowledge with one another. There is such a commitment to education and great pride for the work that walks out our door.

Creating beautiful hair and nails since 2006!