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Innovations Hair Studio, Inc. started out as an idea in 1989 that developed into a small, salon-only business when we opened our doors August 15, 1990 at Post Road Plaza in Merrimack, New Hampshire. In 1996, the Post Road Plaza was sold and we had to find a new home. After a great deal of research and thought, we decided to make a long-term investment and purchase land to build our own facility. We would never have to worry about rent or leases ever again.

In 1997, we broke ground at our new, permanent location on Naticook Road in Merrimack. It’s a quiet residential area perfectly suited for our traditional New England-style building.

The plan was for a significantly larger business that would support 18–20 stylists and, as a key addition to our business plan, a full-service day spa that would soon become an award-winning part of our business. As we adapted to the increase in building size, services, staff, and clients, we focused on our two basic guiding principles, which have not changed since 1989.

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