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Devacurl & Ouidad
Certified for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, we're your place! Innovations Salon has several DevaCurl and Ouidad stylists on staff.


Those of you who are blessed with amazing curly hair, know that no two curls are identical and will behave differently. Therefore, one specialized curly haircut technique cannot be perfect for all curly hair. Recognizing this point, Innovations chose two unique curl care platforms.

Innovation’s is both a DevaCurl and Ouidad certified salon. Our “Inspired” and “Certified” stylists are trained to look for differing curl patterns throughout the head, noting density, shape and hairline patterns. Face shape and body contour are always taken into consideration when determining the ideal haircut. Once the unique attributes of the client are assessed, then a haircut technique and accompanying products plan is created that will accentuate those characteristics.

  • Deva Cut First Time $80-$110
  • Deva Cut Return $75-$105
  • Deva Cut Transformation $30-$55
  • Ouidad Cut First Time $80-$110
  • Ouidad Cut Return $75-$105
  • Ouidad Rake & Shake $30-$55

Curly Hair Resources

DevaCurl is a wealth of knowledge on curly hair.  Innovations is a DevaCurl certified salon. Learn more about your curly hair and DevaCurl Cuts & product for curly hair. 
Visit DevaCurl Website.

Ouidad – The Curl Experts.  Expert knowledge, looks, styles, and products for curly hair.  Innovations offers Ouidad certified stylists to give your curly hair the Ouidad look.

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