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How to Make the Most of Your Spa Experience

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Do you have an idea what you hope to get from your spa visit? Is it to relax? Then a massage may be in order. Ask questions to determine what type would be best. Is it to improve your skin? A facial or peel may be what you want. Again, ask questions. Share your goals with our guest services representative and they can assist you in making the best possible decision. Additionally, If you plan on having more than one treatment, ask us about our recommendations regarding the order in which you receive them. Choosing the right sequence may enhance your experience.


Making spa treatment reservations well in advance is recommended. At various times throughout the year a 10-12 week advance notice when booking an entire spa package can be typical for a Friday, Saturday or Sunday spa visit.  The best option is to visit during off-peak hours (It is usually easier to get multiple appointments during a week day or evening).

Allow enough time for your visit. Plan to spend at least 15 min. post services or even time in between sipping a beverage, relaxing, and chatting or enjoying some solitude. Anticipate how the treatment will fit into your other plans. For example, if you’re having a facial treatment that may leave your skin temporarily sensitive or blotchy, you may not want to go to an elegant affair afterward. If you’ve booked a massage that will leave you very relaxed, you may be inspired to return to the office with your newfound energy – or you may prefer to go straight home and relax.


Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your services. This will provide time to change, as well as, allow your mind to calm before your treatment(s) begin.

Drink plenty of water before and after services to enhance the detoxifying and re-hydrating benefits of your treatments.  In contrast, please avoid alcohol consumption and minimize caffeine intake prior to your visit as well.

Please eat light prior to and immediately following your visit, but please do eat.  For your convenience Innovations Day Spa does offer a variety of light cuisine. When scheduling your spa services please ask about our menu as it does change seasonally.

Shaving is not recommended the day of your treatments (Gentlemen, this would also apply to you if you are coming in for a facial or peel).  The products utilized for many of the cleansing and exfoliating processes can be irritating to freshly shaven or waxed skin. It is recommended for hair removal services (waxing), that the hair growth be at least ¼” in growth for optimum results.  If you are taking any type of dermalogical medication such as Acutane, Retin-A, etc., please inform your service provider before start of your service.


Upon arrival, you will be escorted into our quiet and inviting day spa. Next, a review of the days scheduled services and answers to any questions you may have. You will then be escorted to the women or men’s locker room, where you’ll change into a warm robe and comfy slippers.

Innovations recognizes that each of our guests have your own comfort level with regards to undress.  We have supplied a few references below to assist you in better understanding what levels of undress are necessary for the best treatment outcome. Keep in mind, our highly trained professionals are licensed and trained to drape towels or sheets discretely over areas not involved in the treatment and to protect your privacy at all times.

For a full-body massage, most clients undress completely, although you may choose to wear undergarments. During a massage you will be warmly draped with a large sheet at all times with only the specific area being worked on exposed.

For Face and Nail (Pedicure) services most clients disrobe to their undergarments. This prevents damage to clothing from any oils or skin care products. For face services a wrap will be provided as well and for nail services your robe is left on during services.

In order to provide an exceptional experience, we have a silent environment and ask that you maintain quiet conversations in all areas of the spa.   We also ask that you shut off all communication devices such as cell phones, Ipads, etc. and leave them in your lockers. This is asked so that you and the clients around you can relax… Isn’t that truly why you’re here?

Upon arrival to the guest transition area our spa attendant will ask you to fill out a brief health status review form. This will allow the service provider to review any conditions, which may be effected adversely by the treatment.  If you have any allergies, are on any medication, experiencing any pain, pregnant, or have had any recent surgery, please let your therapists know before your treatment begins so that we can care for you properly and prevent any reactions. Full disclosure is essential to the best possible outcome.   Per federal HIPAA regulations this information is for the service providers review only.

During your service please remember to communicate with your service provider. If you are too warm or too cold, let them know. If you are uncomfortable with the amount of pressure or pace of any technique let them know. If the music is too loud or you would rather have silence, let them know. Their goal is your unconditional satisfaction.


Our treatments are performed with high quality and luxurious ingredients therefore, we suggest that you do not shower them off immediately after you get home so you can enjoy the full benefits of the therapeutic ingredients absorbed deeply into your skin.

Please remember to drink plenty of water and eat light after your relaxing spa service(s).

Schedule your next visit prior to leaving.  This will provide you with the best opportunity to get your desired appointment times versus a last minute call and the potential for inconvenient options.

A Gratuity is not included in any of the salon or spa services / packages at Innovations.   However, please note that our staff’s single goal is to provide you with a spa experience that was everything you expected and more.   If we have accomplished that goal, then please feel free to tip accordingly.

Prolong your spa experience.   Most of our service providers will provide you with ideas and products that could be purchased and utilized at home to maximize the benefits of your spa visit.  If there was a particular product that you enjoyed during your service(s) please let us know it may be available for at-home use.