Rewards Program

To thank our valued clients, Innovations The Salon & Spa has developed a Rewards Program that provides valuable incentives to our returning guests.  Below are more details on the program, but should you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our Guest Services team at 603.880.7499.

How Do I Get Started?

You don’t have to do a thing. All Innovations guests are automatically included in the program. Our computer system will keep track of your accumulated points.

How Will I Know How Many Rewards Points I Have?

Each time you cash out any points you may have accumulated will show up on the bottom of your receipt. In the near future you will be able to log into your on-line booking account and see your point totals. (on-line booking is also a complimentary service that can be setup for you in just a few moments at your next visit).

How Do I Earn Rewards Points?
It’s easy! You can accumulate points through everyday interactions with Innovations. Below is a list of ways you can accumulate points and the value of each activity.

  • 25,000 Points for pre-booking at the completion of your first visit to Innovations. (New guests)
  • 25,000 Points for referring a new guest to Innovations. (Make sure you inform them to tell us who referred them. That’s pretty important)
  • 5,000 Points for booking your spa appointments online. (No cost and it takes about 90 seconds to setup)
  • 5,000 Points for retail product purchases totaling more than $100.
  • 3,000 Points for pre-booking your next service at the completion of today’s service. (Regular guest)
  • 2,500 Points for retail product purchases totaling more than $50.

So… what are you waiting for? Let’s get some points!

How Much Are My Reward Points Worth And What Can I Purchase With Them?
1000 points = $1.00. Your Reward Points can be used to pay for any service or retail product purchases.

How And When Can I Redeem Reward Points?
Much like other rewards programs there are just a few restrictions. Please see below:

Pay in full
Rewards Points are redeemable as soon as you have accumulated enough points to purchase a service.  You can use your points toward a purchase of retail products or retail product in full. Reward Points cannot be redeemed for partial services.

Are Rewards Points Redeemable For Cash?
No. Rewards Points are not redeemable for cash.

Are Rewards Points Transferable?
No. Rewards Points can only be redeemed by the guest who earned them.

Do Rewards Points Expire?
Yes. All Reward Points earned in the calendar year, expire February 1st of the following year. Ex. All Rewards Points earned in the year 2018 would expire on February 1st of 2019.

Innovations reserves the right to modify, or cancel the Points Rewards Program at any time without notice.