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Style Guide

Hair Coloring Styles & Ideas

A Guide to popular Hair Coloring Styles and Which one is best for you

Every head of hair is different, but luckily the processes salons use to color hair have be refined to focus on each possible coloring need.  The most common hair coloring methods are:

  1. Balyage
  2. Ombré
  3. Color Melt
  4. Teasy Lights
  5. Baby Lights
  6. Foliyage
  7. Fashion

Read about these common techniques used by salon colorist and see what fits your hair.

Balyage Hair Coloring at Innovations Salon, NH
Balyage Hair Coloring


Hand painting technique to create soft natural brightness that focuses more on the ends of hair creating movement and dimension.

Choose it:
If you want a low maintenance, natural look with dimension.

Skip it:
If you’re looking for more of a solid color with highlights right up to the root.

Ombré Hair Coloring
Ombré Hair Coloring


A technique resulting in a clear transition from dark root to light ends. Often popular with fantasy colors.

Choose it: 
If you have shoulder-length or longer hair and are looking for a multidimensional hair color.

Skip it:
If you want a more blended, natural looking highlight.

Color Melt
Color Melt

Color Melt

A technique that is used to create a more gradual transition from root to end color, looking as if they melt into each other. The middle ground between a balayage and ombré.

Choose it:
If you’re looking for a low maintenance look with darker root to light ends.

Skip it:

If you want a higher contrast and more dimension throughout.

Teasy Lights

A technique that is a combination between a balayage and regular highlight. Gets the name due to the teasing of sections before lightener is applied.

Choose it:

If you want a low maintenance highlight with natural root and dimension.

Skip it:
If you want to brighten roots to ends with a more solid color.

Baby lights hair coloring
Baby Lights Hair Coloring

Baby Lights

A technique in which very fine highlights are added to the hair. Resulting in a natural sun kissed look.

Choose it: 
If you want a natural looking highlight with softer grow out.

Skip it:
If you’re looking to add a lot of dimension.

Foliyage Hair Coloring
Foliyage Hair Coloring


A technique in which pieces are weaved out like a foil then painted like a balayage. Creating a mix between a regular foil and a balayage.

Choose it:
If you’re looking for that perfect look between a balayage and highlight.

Skip it:

If you want a look with less dimension.

Blue/Periwinkle Hair Color by Alex at Innovations Salon
Fashion/Fantasy Hair Coloring


Any hair color that is not found naturally. Rainbow or pastel tones. Can be done using many techniques.

Choose it: 
If you’re looking to make a big statement with your hair.

Skip it:

You don’t want a higher maintenance look or only like natural hair color.